Sunday, January 7, 2018

First Blog in Forever - Use of Format

It has been years since I have posted anything on here.  I still am a member of Stampin' Up! but I do not do it as a business and I do use other products.
I took to selling my craft rather than pushing product on other people.  Not that I don't supply if someone requests.  I just love the get togethers, which has kept me in Stampin' Up!
However, I have moved to a different state, so if anyone is from the Milwaukee area and just wants to get together to craft and have fun, let me know!
That being said, one of my favorite things to do is to find a layout and create.  I am still a plain and simple type of gal, but do wish I was more artistic.  Alas, that talent lies with my daughter and didn't really pass down to her from me!
My first post uses a format I found somewhere (don't remember where).  I kept it similar but turned it sideways and for the center used an embossing folder, coloring the embossed parts.  Please excuse my coloring ability as I tended to get smudges.  Don't know if I will send it out because of this, but decided to post it anyway since you get an idea of what I did.
I used printed paper on the sides.  It is fairly cheap paper I got somewhere.  The only Stampin' Up! items I used were cardstock and markers.  I tried to match the colors to the paper, but you know how that is when using two different suppliers.  Never a perfect match!  As a simple embellishment, I used glitter (stickles) on the star and the candle flame.
I am not proud of this card at all, but just decided to start trying to put things out here, even if only I look at them for inspiration and as a record of things I have done.
I would love to see you take this layout and use it and post here so we can see how other people tweak the design!